To install the official Vampirism Modpack using the Twitch App, simply follow this installation guide.



This modpack doesn’t include OptiFine due to it’s licensing. We recommend adding it yourself or using the modpack on Technic Launcher instead, if your computer can’t handle Minecraft without it.

Also note, that Twitch is always taking longer to update than the Technic Launcher.


Step 1: Preparing

First, make sure that your Twitch App is working and configure it, if you didn’t. We recommend using 64-bit Java and at least 2-3 GB of RAM.


Step 2: Installing

Open this link and click on the Install button with the Twitch icon.

Or: Open the Twitch App and click on the Mods tab. Now navigate to Minecraft and the search modpacks tab. Search for Vampirism or maxanier and look for the modpack created by maxanier & 1LiterZinalco. Now click on Install and wait for the Twitch App to finish the installation.


Step 3: Start playing

Once the Twitch App has downloaded and installed the modpack (which may take some time, depending on your internet connection and computer), you can start playing by simply clicking the Play button. Our server should already be in your server list, however, this is the IP: aka.

Official Vampirism Server